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Welcome to the Idea Store. We're glad you're here!​

We’re a nonprofit offering a vast, uncommon array of reusable materials for arts, crafts, education, and beyond. All quality, all safe, and all donated by community members and local businesses. 

Teaching a class? Learning a craft? Exploring your identity? Decorating your space? Making cool art? Taking a stand? Just curious? Supplies from the Idea Store are meant for you—and everyone in our community.


Join our reuse revolution!

When you support the Idea Store, you support sustainability, social change, and the joy of creating.

Let’s keep the good stuff out of the dumpster, and transform it with fresh, shiny possibility!

Make art not trash


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Your donations allow our community to create, experiment, teach, and learn! You also help keep reusable items out of the trash and give voice to kids, artists, craftspeople, and creative entrepreneurs.