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Schedule a Donation Appointment

May 2023 donation appointments are open!

Thank you for your support!

Donation hours are Wed-Fri 12-5, Sat 10-4.


Our intake space is limited, and our shelves fill up quickly. Here's how you can


help us stay up to fire code and provide a safe and hazard-free workplace for our


small intake staff: 

  • Donation hours are Wed-Fri 12-5, Sat 10-4. We do not take donations on Sundays, Mondays or Tuesdays.

  • We are now taking donations of one small paper grocery bag or banker’s box or less without an appointment during regular donation hours. We can’t take anything larger than that without an appointment. 

  • For larger donations, please see our Schedule A Donation page or call the store (217-352-7878) to make an appointment.

  • We have a 3 box limit per appointment. If you have more than 3 boxes, you’ll need to make more than one appointment. As long as you book your appointments for the same day, you can bring everything (preferably) to the first one. For larger donations, please call the store to arrange a time. 

  • Unsure about what to donate? Refer to our updated Donation Guide on the website. We also have printed copies available upon request. 

  • Please come to the back door to donate your items. We can’t take donations at the register.

  • When you arrive at the back door, give us a call at 217-352-7878, and someone will come out to take your donation. 

  • Please pack your donation into a container you’re ready to part with. We cannot empty donations into other containers. If possible, place your donations in the trunk of your car. 

  • Please come at your specified appointment time. We are fully booked every day and cannot accommodate early arrivals. We also can’t take donations before we open. ​


Thanks for your kindness, patience, and understanding. If we don't keep our intake space up to fire code, we could face a fine, or worse -- get shut down. Nobody wants that to happen! The appointment system helps us remain in business.  

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