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Inspiration post: wine corks! (Part 2)

In our previous post, we listed some clever uses for wine corks.

Still looking for inspiration? We've got you covered! Here are even more creative and clever projects from around the Web.

From Crafty Nest, here's how to make a cork trivet.

From Crafts By Amanda, here's how to make some adorable wine cork succulent magnets.

From Grit And Graceful, here's how to make some cute pineapple wall art.

From The Things We'll Make, here's how to make a wine cork jewelry organizer.

From Buzzfeed, here's a little bit of everything!

That's all the cork-spiration for now, but stay tuned for more inspiration posts, including some great projects for bottle caps... and a very special surprise to get you thinking about the Jewelry Jackpot sale in May.

And of course, of you've made anything interesting with corks, we'd love to see. Come see us in person, or reach out to us on social media!

All the best,

-- The Idea Store

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