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Volunteer Spotlight: Marilu Frenette

The Idea Store wouldn’t exist without our amazing and dedicated volunteers! From sorting and pricing donations to stocking fabric to helping with events and outreach, we’re grateful for the contributions they make.

Today's volunteer spotlight is on volunteer Marilu Frenette.

Marilu has volunteered at our crafting events, including Love Wins Pride Crafting and Read Across America. She’s even suggested and led a few projects for us, including bird feeders made from milk jugs! 

When she’s volunteering in the store, she’s always willing to do whatever we ask of her, which is something we appreciate.

We admire Marilu's kindness and dedication to the store, as well as her creativity – she’s got a serious talent for finding creative uses for everyday items, which makes her a perfect fit for us!

If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities at The Idea Store, stop by in person and pick up an application at the register or download and print one here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where we often ask for volunteers for specific tasks and areas of the store. 

Volunteer perks include a 10% volunteer discount, free chocolate, and the chance to work with some of the kindest, most creative people in Chambana! 

Stay creative, 

– The Idea Store 

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