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Inspiration post: rainbow crafts!

The Idea Store is proud... to celebrate Pride!

Without further ado, here's a roundup of some of our favorite rainbow crafts from around the Web.

(Looking for chain and jump rings to finish your project? Stop by our Jewelry Jackpot sale, happening November 1st-12th!)

(Personally, we think it would be extra cute with some googly eyes.)

(Then again, we think everything is better with googly eyes!)

  • Wondering what to do with all the craft felt we carry in our fabric section? How about making a brooch?

  • Did we mention how many buttons we have? Stop by the store, grab a scoop or two from our bulk button bin, and make this decorative wall art!

(Which could also be made with bottle caps, now that we think about it. Yes, we have those too.)

  • For more advanced jewelry makers... have you ever thought about making colored pencil beads? It definitely looks like fun! If you're running low on pencils, we have plenty.

And of course, we're also hosting our Pride Crafting event on Saturday, September 30th... which also happens to be the store's birthday! Stop by between 10:00-12:00, make some colorful drinking straw jewelry, and pick up supplies for some of the projects above.

And remember: no matter who you are, we are SO proud to have you in our community! Thanks for helping to make the store, and Chambana, such a fantastic place to be.

Stay creative,

-- The Idea Store

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