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Inspiration post: bottle cap jewelry!

Another item we never run out of at the Idea Store... is bottle caps! And so, with the Jewelry Jackpot just around the corner (May 3-14), we've put together a list of the best bottle cap jewelry tutorials from around the web.

While the finished products may look similar, there are different techniques and approaches demonstrated with each project, with something for every skill level -- so make sure you have a look at each one!


From Recylart, here's how to make some gorgeous collage earrings. Wondering where to find collage supplies? You're in luck! Stop by and check out our collage packs, put together by amazing volunteer Wendy.

From Cut Out And Keep, here's another take on bottle cap earrings. Looking for beads to embellish your project? We carry them in the store by the jewelry counter, and we'll also have a variety for sale during the Jewelry Jackpot.


From Rae Gun Ramblings, here's how to make a bottle cap necklace with your favorite book quotes!

From Organize Your Stuff Now, here's how to make a necklace using stickers and scrapbook paper... which, incidentally, we also happen to carry at the store.


Ever thought about making your own beads? Here's a tutorial from First Class Amateur on how to do just that. Unlike a lot of the other tutorials in this post, this one requires some more serious jewelry making tools -- but the finished project is worth it, in our opinion.

Here's another take on the project from Joanne Huffman using textured paper! Wondering if we carry art paper at the Idea Store? Yes, we do.

Looking to make beads out of soda cans as well? Upcycle Daily has a wonderful tutorial.

A bit of everything...

Last -- but certainly not least -- B'Sue Boutiques demonstrates how to make a little bit of everything! There are some seriously beautiful pieces here.

That concludes our first bottle cap inspiration post. Stay tuned for more bottle cap inspiration... and more jewelry-making resources!

Stay creative,

-- The Idea Store

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